This page is dedicated to websites that are both fun
as well as excellent resources you can use in your classrooms - these are just a few of my favorites!

Great Research Sites for Writing papers:

Technology resources for teachers:

Using Podcasts in Kindergarten:

Using the IPod in the Classroom:
Primary Teacher Resource Webpage:

Teacher Blog Sites:

Twitter in the classroom:

Wikispaces to checkout:

International Society for Technology in education: (NETS)

21st Century skills & Technology in the classroom:

Teacher videos:

AASL's top 25 websites for teaching and learning:

For television, video or TV ad tunes go to:
For 1001 Free Fonts to use to create pages like this go to:
For a Variety of Educational Links:
An all Around Excellent Reference WebPage
With Links, Lesson Plans, Resources and More:
For SMARTboard lessons and Forums: